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  1. Hotel La Fuente de la Higuera

    Partido de los Frontones s/n, Ronda, Málaga, Andalucía, Andalucía, Spain
    +34 952 16 56 08
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  2. The Lodge Ronda

    Stairs from main terrace 2
    Partido de la Cimada, Camino de las Monjas s/n
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    The seven rooms Lodge is a luxury guest-house, bookable as a private residence from five rooms onwards fully serviced & catered or as a self-catering holiday villa. If you are coming with your family, friends, company or invite them all to your wedding or anniversary: we make sure that your every wish is fulfilled in a professional yet familiar and unobtrusive way.
  3. Bullring of Ronda

    Calle Virgen de la Paz, 15
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    Ronda´s Bullright is said to be the oldest in Spain. Ernest Hemingway, Rainer Maria Rilke came to watch all fights in their time. Today Hollywood still comes everytime Cayetano is fighting.
  4. Puente Nuevo

    The New Bridge and the bullring are Ronda´s two most important landmarks. The bridge is 98 meters high and quite amazing to look down from- unless you suffer from vertigo.
  5. Arab Baths

    Calle Molino de Alarcón
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    The Arab Baths are the best conserved of their kind in Spain. Situated just outside the Arab Medina next to the Culebra stream, which provided them with fresh water moved by a waterwheel.
  6. Palacio de Mondragón

    Plaza de la Duquesa de Parcent, 0
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    The palace of Mondragón is the most important civil construction in Ronda. It was the home to Arab Kings and Governors.
  7. Casa del Rey Moro

    Cuesta de Santo Domingo, 9
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    The House of the Moorish King was built in a natural vertical crack of the rocks right next to the Puente Nuevo. You can enjoy decending 100 meters down to the river over 200 steps- and back up.
  8. Parroquia Santa María

    Plaza de la Duquesa de Parcent, 0
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    After the conquest of the city of Ronda the "Catholic Kings" ordered the building of a temple in the place of the earlier mosque. The building started in 1485 and took until the end of the 17th century to finish.
  9. Arch of Phillip the V

    Arco de Felipe V. Visita desde Hotel La Fuente de la Higuera, Ronda
    Calle Real, Ronda
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    • This bridge was built after the collapse of the first bridge in 1741. The city desperately needed a bigger entrance to be able to cope with the growing number of people and goods entering the city. The Arab gate was replaced with the gateway by the Spanish King Felipe V in 1742
  10. Museo de Pintura Joaquin Peinado

    sala exposiciones temporales del Museo Joaquin Peinado
    Calle de San Juan Bosco, 78
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    • Joaquín Peinado was born in 1898 in Ronda and died in Paris in 1975. Being an admirer of Cézanne and a soul-mate of Picasso he was known as one of the elegant painters of the Spanish school of Paris.
  11. Bullfighting Museum

    Calle Virgen de la Paz, 13, 29400 Ronda, Málaga
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    The museum gives a good insight of the history about bullfighting and the development of the Royal Calvary Order of Ronda including its works and related documents. Some of Goya´s bullfighting paintings and written essays about the fights by foreign authors can be admired.
  12. Museo Del Bandolero

    Calle de Armi��n, 65
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    It shows the history of this social phenomenon. The museum gives insight in the documents, pictures, personal details of the handits and gives a report of all that happened between them and the police in the Serrania de Ronda.
  13. Museo Lara

    Calle de Armiñán, 29b
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    The Lara Museum is situated just across the “New Brigde” and the Tajo of Ronda. It is located in the house-palace occupied by The former Count of the Conquerors of the Batanes Islands. The museum exhibits past ways of communications, Kitsch and Arts, Popular Arts and Archaeology
  14. Cueva de la Pileta

    Cueva de la Pileta, 29370 Benaoján
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    The Serranía de Ronda features many caves which have been studied already in the early 20th century by archeologists like Breul and Obermeier. La Pileta cave, just ouside the village of Benaoján directions Cortes de la Frontera, was discovered in 1905. Some of the outstanding cave paintings are the Fish, the pregnant Mare and some stunningly beautiful dancing horses.
  15. Prehistoric Village

    Algaba de Ronda Ctra Ronda Algeciras Km 4,5 29400 Ronda (Málaga)
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    The Algaba Farm is a accurate copy of a prehistoric village giving an true idea of the rural life in prehistoric times in the south of Iberia.
  16. Roman Ruins El Acinipo

    Acinipo, 29400 Ronda
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    The Roman construction on Iberian soil was built in the first century before Jesus Christ. During the height of the Roman Empire the city had a population of 2000 inhabitants with great prosperity proven by the amount of coins being found (and stolen) showing grapes and two ears of corn and the name of Acinipo.
  17. Winery Descalzos Viejos

    Run by an old friend Flavio Salesi and his architect partner Paco Retamero. Founded in 2000- The Plantation is of 15,5 Ha Barrels: 50 per year Visiting Times: One days notice required Price: 20 € per person. Languages Available Spanish and English.
  18. Winery F. Schatz

    Finca Sanguijuela s/n. Apdo. Correos 131 Ctra. Ronda la Vieja
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    First plantations in 1982 Vineyard: 3 Hectars Barrels: 50 per year Visiting Hours by appointment only. Duration: 1 to 2 hours. Introduction to the environment, the vineyard, cellar and an explanation of the process and development of our ecological - biodynamic wines. The visit includes a tour around the vineyard and cellar and a wine tasting: 25€ per person tapas included. wine sales: Chardonnay, Rosado (Muskattrollinger), Finca Sanguijuela Conarte ( CS, M, S, T), Pinot Noir, Petit Verdot, Acinipo (Lemberger) Prices range: from 18€ to 30€ per bottle. Languages: Spanish, English and German
  19. Winery Conrad

    Founded: 1999 Plantation: 7 has Wine Cellar: 120 Visiting Hours: · By appointment, with one day notice Price: 15€ per person and 20€ with tapas*. Languages available: Spanish, English, French, German and Italian. Visit includes: · Visit to the vineyard, cellar, wine tasting Duration: 1.5 hours It is possible to buy wines direct, prices range from 7€ to 25€. We also offer wine tasting initiation courses. Price (approximately) 30€ per person. Minimum of 6, maximum of 12.
  20. Juan Manuel Vetas

    Founded: 2000 Vineyard: 1 Ha privately owned and one rented. Barrels: 25 Visiting Hours: Always by previous appointment. Please call the above number with at least one days notice. Visit Includes: Presentation of the vineyard and the wine cellar, its history and a tasting of 3 wines. By request it is possible to prepare a lunch in the cellar, a tasting or whatever desired by the customer. Minimum: 2 (for lunch 8) Maximum number: 12 to 15 Price for the visit and tasting: 15€ per person. (Not charged if wine is purchased). Lunch: Local Cold Meats, Andalusian Gazapacho, Meat Stew or Country Rice. Homemade seasonal dessert. For the wine tasting initiation courses, 5 wines are tasted and the price per person is 25€ with a minimum of 8 people and a maximum of 15. Direct Wine Sales from the Bodega: Vetas Selección and Vetas Petit Verdot. Prices: From € 27,50 to 32
  21. Winery Pasoslargos

    Founded:1999 Plantation: 8 ha Barrels: 125 Visiting Hours: By previous appointment with 2 days notice. Maximum number per visit: 30 people Visit Includes: a tour around the vineyards, visit to the wine cellar and a tasting of our wines. Duration: 30 to 40 minutes. Price: 18€ per person (minimum 6 people) Possibility of combining our wines with food in our restaurant Tragabuches. Direct wine sales available from the wine cellar.
  22. Café La Fuente

    The new 3 floor- Grand Café & Restaurant " La Fuente" overlooking Ronda´s famous Bridge. You will find the same label as in our hotel: fantastic food served by a local and friendly team. We are open for Breakfast, Lunch, High Tea and (early) Dinner. Try the Apple Crumble with Cream, the classic Roastbeef or our daily changing vegetarian dishes on the 3rd floor for the best views!
  23. Almocábar

    Plaza Ruedo Alameda, 5
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    Small unpretentious restaurant serving delicious food.
  24. Tragatapas

    Delicious Tapas in a modern atmoshpere. Good wine-selection.
  25. Maestro

    Carrera de Espinel, 7
    Directions Google Maps
    Maestros for us is the classical place for a quick breakfast or tapa. Rafael is open 14 hours per day. the tapas are fresh and around noon the paella comes out. The old fashioned, perfect tapas bar
  26. La Calle de la Bola

    Carrera Espinel
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    You can find anything in La Calle de la Bola you need. Shoes (very cheap), clothes, presents, food and plenty of bars and pharmacies. Ronda has plenty of shoe-shops with a good variety of old fashioned Spanish riding-boots.
  27. CAC Malaga

    foto The CAC Malaga is the emblem of commitment to contemporary art of the Malaga City Council which aims to spread the plastic and visual arts since the last third of the twentieth century to the present. The CAC Málaga opened on February 17, 2003 and has since been characterized by its dynamism and its emphasis on reflection, teaching and dissemination of contemporary art. The opening of the CAC Málaga has created new possibilities in the cultural field in southern Spain, getting a reference become international art. It also represents a first in Spain to combine the management methods of private enterprise with the ideals and objectives of the public sphere.
  28. Thyssen Museum

    Thyssen Museo
    Calle compañia 10, Malaga
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    The Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection offers a rich set of extraordinary coherence, which starts with a series of pieces of old masters, most notably the Santa Marina de Zurbarán, and continues with a series of chapters that establish a strong history of gender who starred in the nineteenth century Spanish painting, with special attention to the Andalusian painting. The romantic landscape, represented by the works of Genaro Villamil and Manuel Barrón Pérez, evolving into the Andalusian genre painting of the Dominguez Becquer and Manuel Cabral Aguado Bejarano. Attention to the most authentic Spanish customs transformed over the nineteenth century: the manners gave way to the precious painting, guided by Maria Fortuny, in the same way that the genre of landscape is developed from Romanticism to Realism . Finally, the works of Darius Regoyos, Joaquin Sorolla, Hermen Anglada Camarasa i, Ignacio Zuloaga Francisco Iturrino or Spanish art exemplify how the end of the century clearly
  29. Picasso Museum

    The Museo Picasso Málaga was created in response to Pablo Picasso’s own desire for his work to be present in the city where he was born, on 25th October, 1881. The Museum was created thanks to the shared wishes of Christine and Bernard Ruiz-Picasso, the artist’s daughter-in-law and grandson, whose donations constitute the core of the MPM Collection, and to the efforts of the Junta de Andalucía, which coordinated the major project to set up a museum devoted to the artist whose styles and techniques changed the course of modern art. The initial idea for the Museum arose in 1953, as a result of the contact between Pablo Picasso and Juan Temboury Álvarez, who was the Provincial Delegate for Fine Arts in Malaga. However, the project fell through shortly afterwards. Christine Ruiz-Picasso, the widow of the artist’s eldest son, Paul Ruiz-Picasso, resumed contact with Malaga in 1992, on the occasion of the exhibition Picasso Clásico.
  30. Museo Casa de Munecas

    La Casa de las Muñecas is a lovely house full of doll-houses for any real feel-good-moment. The most used expression in the house is: oooooohhhhh!
  31. Car Museum

    Edificio Tabacalera Avenida Sor Teresa Prat, 15 29003 Málaga Phone
    Directions Google Maps
    The Automotive Museum in Malaga will host next March the international presentation of the Mercedes SL 500 and SL 325 of the German company. During this time the facilities located in Tabacalera will host body and chassis of these models of Mercedes Benz, in addition to being the stage where are held press conferences for more than 600 journalists from around the world. Those who approach the Automotive Museum in Malaga will enjoy a historical tour of the car in which Mercedes Benz takes centere stage through two representative models of the collection: Mercedes Benz 540K and Mercedes Gullwing. The first,from 1937, has an eight-cylinder engine and supercharger compressor of 5.4 cc. The K is just an abbreviation for Kompressor, which is activated by pressing the accelerator and propelles the car to 170 mph, “making this design not only a marvel of technology and elegance, but also a symbol of power. ” As reported from the museum, 447 copies were built, all unique. The value of the l
  32. Malaga Cathedral

    Built between the 16th and the 18th centuries, although never finished, Málaga’s cathedral is an impressive soaring structure. Don’t miss the carved choir stalls or the two organs. Opposite, the imposing Bishop’s Palace stages art exhibitions. Opening Times: Mon-Fri 1000-2000; Sat 1000-1700. Admission Fees: Yes. Disabled Access: No info and foto by foto by
  33. Malaga

    Málaga is an overlooked gem; this lively, enticing city is the birthplace of Picasso, offers an excellent tapas scene, great beaches and noble historical buildings. In fact Málaga couldn’t be more different from its nearby coastal resorts along the Costa del Sol where English is the lingua franca and all-day British breakfasts displace traditional tortilla. The Picasso Museum is Málaga’s major drawcard and has encouraged the rise of boutique hotels and flashy restaurants. In Málaga’s historic centre, the Moorish fortress and Christian castle loftily jut into the sky, overlooking a handsome cathedral, glitzy shopping streets, and a spider’s web of narrow pedestrian lanes within the old town. Beyond the busy port, the city beach is surprisingly good, and further stretches of sand lie along the eastern suburbs, where traditional fried fish is washed down with cold beer at (beach bars). Endowed with such assets, Málaga is more than just a gateway; it’s a destination.
  34. El Muelle Uno- Jose Carlos Garcia

    Paseo de la Farola- Puerto Malaga
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    A Michelin starred restaurant in the harbour of Malaga. You will enjoy fantastic food, the service is alert and friendly and a serene quiet ambiente will surround you. High price-range
  35. El Pimpi

    A very tipical tapas bar and restaurant right in the center next to the Alcazabilla.
  36. Los Pueblos

    buuteeq baby 030
    Calle de las Atarazanas, 15
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    This is a favourite local restaurant. Situated right across the market place it offers very ok menus for a little as 8,50 euros with a choice of 10 mains.
  37. Seville Cathedral

    Avenida de la Constitución, s/n, 41004, Sevilla
    Directions Google Maps
    The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See, better known as Seville Cathedral, is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Seville (Andalusia, Spain). It is the largest Gothic cathedral and the third-largest church in the world. It was registered in 1987 by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, along with the Alcázar palace complex and the General Archive of the Indies.
  38. General Archive of the Indies

    Avda. de la Constitución, s/n 41004 - Sevilla
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    The Archivo General de Indias , ("General Archive of the Indies"), housed in the ancient merchants' exchange of Seville, Spain, the Casa Lonja de Mercaderes, is the repository of extremely valuable archival documents illustrating the history of the Spanish Empire in the Americas and the Philippines. The building itself, an unusually serene and Italianate example of Spanish Renaissance architecture, was designed by Juan de Herrera. This structure and its contents were registered in 1987 by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
  39. The Alcázar of Seville

    Patio de Banderas, s/n 41004-Sevilla
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    The Alcázar of Seville is a royal palace in Seville, Spain, originally a Moorish fort. It is the oldest royal palace still in use in Europe. The palace is one of the best remaining examples of mudéjar architecture. Subsequent monarchs have added their own additions to the Alcázar.
  40. Archaeological Museum of Seville

    Plaza de América, s/n - Parque de María Luisa 41013 - Sevilla
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    The Archeological Museum of Seville is housed in the Pabellón del Renacimiento, one of the pavilions designed by the architect Aníbal González. These pavilions at the Plaza de España were created for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929. The museum's basement houses the El Carambolo treasure.
  41. Museum of Arts and Traditions of Sevilla

    Pza. de América, 3 - Pabellón Mudejar, Parque de Mª Luisa 41013 - Sevilla
    Directions Google Maps
    The upper floor contains the museum library (specialized in ethnography and museology). There is also a photo archive, audiovisual and conference rooms, as well as a restoration studio and a photography laboratory. Temporary exhibitions can be visited independently of visiting the rest of the museum.
  42. Flamenco Museum Seville

    Manuel Rojas Marcos, 3 41004 - Sevilla
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    Flamenco is an artistic expression born in southern Spain, which manifests itself in three forms: singing, dancing and guitar. To learn everything about the world of dance and flamenco culture the renowned dancer Cristina Hoyos has created the Flamenco Dance Museum.
  43. Plaza de España

    Plaza de España, 41013 Sevilla
    Directions Google Maps
    The Plaza de España is a plaza located in the Parque de María Luisa, in Seville, Spain built in 1928 for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929. It is a landmark example of the Renaissance Revival style in Spanish architecture.
  44. Basilica Our Lady of Hope Macarena

    basilica macarena
    Bécquer, 1 41002 - Sevilla
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    The procession, starting from this Basilica in the early morning of Good Friday is one of the largest, most popular, and fervent in the whole of Spain. Next to the church is placed the Museum and Treasure of La Macarena.
  45. Metropol Parasol

    Plaza de la Encarnación, 18 41003 Seville
    Directions Google Maps
    The Metropol Parasol scheme with its imposing timber structure offers a range of attractions and amenities to be used by the public. Such functions include an archaeological museum, a farmers market, an elevated plaza, and multiple bars and restaurants underneath and inside the parasols, as well as a panorama terrace on the upper level of the parasols.
  46. Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba

    Plaza de Santa Catalina, 1, 14003
    Directions Google Maps
    The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba is arguably the most significant monument in the whole of the western Moslem World and one of the most amazing buildings in the world in its own right. It is a former Islamic mosque, and since 1236 a Catholic Christian cathedral.
  47. Castle of the Christian Monarchs

    Plaza Campo Santo de los Mártires s/n. 14004 Córdoba
    Directions Google Maps
    The Alcázar (castle) of Cordoba, with its thick defensive walls, served both as a fortress and a palace, and is a perfect illustration of the development of Cordoban architecture through the ages.
  48. Roman Bridge

    Roman BridgeThe view over the Mosque-Cathedral, with the river, the Gate of the Bridge and the Roman Bridge itself, is one of the most wonderful sights of Cordoba, especially at dusk, when the last rays of the sun linger on and make the stone surfaces glow a deep golden red.
  49. Medina Azahara

    Carretera Palma del Río, km. 5,5. 14071, Cordoba
    Directions Google Maps
    The history of Medina Azahara, the magnificent, enigmatic city palace which was built for Abd-al Rahman III at the foot of the Sierra Morena mountains five miles from the city, is shrouded in myths and legends.
  50. The Alhambra and Generalife

    The Alhambra, declared a World Heritage Site in 1984, is a palatial city on the Sabika hill, near the Darro river. Its name comes from the colour of its walls (Al-Hamra in Arabic) which were made using the clay found locally, and the reddish tint this gave the bricks.
  51. Granada Cathedral

    Gran Vía, s/n. Granada
    Directions Google Maps
    The Cathedral of Granada is considered as the first Renaissance church of Spain and as one of the best examples of this movement. The Catholic Monarchs were the founders in 1492, and it was at first meant to copy the Gothic model of the Cathedral in Toledo.
  52. Albaicín District

    The town district known as Albaicín, declared a World Heritage Site in 1984, stretches over the hill between the calle de Elvira, the Plaza Nueva and the Carrera del Darro, to San Cristóbal. During the Moorish occupation, the Albaicín quarter was a group of different independent town centres, and it wasn’t until the modern period when it was considered a district as a whole.
  53. House Museum of García Lorca

    The House Museum of Federico García Lorca was the place the poet spent his summers, and the last house he lived in the days prior to his arrest and assassination. The house has not been changed, and its original form has been perfectly preserved.
  54. El Sacromonte Quarter

    The picturesque El Sacromonte quarter, which faces the Alhambra , contains some of the most idiosyncratic elements of Granada . The slopes of the hill form the traditional gitano quarter of the city.
  55. Ubrique Leather Factory

  56. Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art

    The Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art Foundation in Jerez de la Frontera is known all over the world thanks to its show entitled "How the Andalusian Horses Dance", a unique exhibition of horsemanship which both exhibits and summarises the work which the institution has carried out since its establishment.
  57. Malaga Airport

    Avenida Garc�a Morato s/n,, 1
    Directions Google Maps
    Leaving our hotel 3 hourse before DEPARTURE of your plane you will be perfectly on time to catch your flight at Malaga airport.
  58. Rent A Car Ronda Velasco

    Calle de Lorenzo Borrego G�mez, 11
    Directions Google Maps
    Ronda´s car rental with used cars. You will be considered a local....
  59. Rent a Car Autolink Malaga

    Calle General Duque de Aveiro 1 29140 Churriana, Malaga
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    Fast and efficient service at the airport on arrival and departure (no transfer buses) and 24 hour helpline to assist you throughout the rental period. Complete range of nearly new vehicles from budget cars to 7 seater minibus. All cars, except Budget class, with aircon, airbags, radio/CD, electric windows and central locking with remote control. Personally meeting you by our English or Scandinavian personnel. We can also offer you delivery to you home or hotel if you prefer. Competitive rates and Special discounts for long term and regular customers. No hidden costs. What we quote is exactly what we charge. Fast offers and bookings online, or by telephone
  60. Cycleronda

    For your self-guided ride you can select a good quality hybrid bike, mountain bike, road bike or perhaps an electric bike. Cycleronda’s goal is to buy new bikes every two seasons, which means you'll be cycling in comfort, and feel safe using the latest technology that biking has to offer. At Cycleronda our bike rental prices aren't affected by seasonal pricing. We rent bikes from only 15 euros per day (with 3 day rental or more), with up to 3 route descriptions included!
  61. Windsurf school Club Mistral

    Carretera Nacional 340
    Directions Google Maps
    Allthough you might have to get up early and sit in the car for 2 hours it is worth your while as the drive is stunningly beautiful via Gaucín. And you end up at one of the greatest beaches in Europe for learning how to kite-surf. Tarifa is mostly very windy why this beach is so fantastic for surfing. At the Valdevaqueros beach bar you can choose from a great salad bar for lunches.
  62. Oficina Municipal de Turismo de Ronda

    The tourists office for all information about Ronda, maps, sightseeing and events.
  63. Ascari Race Resort

    Carretera Campillos, km 30.5. 29400 Ronda (Málaga).
    Directions Google Maps
    Ascari Cars Ltd. is a British automobile manufacturer that is based in Banbury, United Kingdom founded by Dutch millionaire Klaas Zwart. The company is named after Alberto Ascari (1918–1955) who was the first double world Formula One champion. info