A house in the nature of Ronda for your yoga group

Do you know the benefits of yoga?

If you already practise it, you certainly do, but if you are just starting out or are curious, you should know that yoga is a traditional and spiritual technique that was developed in Asia centuries ago. It also provides a lifestyle based on its moral precepts such as non-violence, moderation and non-covetousness, among others. Nowadays, more and more people are practising this discipline because of the many benefits it brings. Yoga can help you not only mentally, but also physically, as it helps your metabolism, improves your heart health and corrects your posture. On a psychological level, this method can reduce stress and anxiety, or help to generate melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep.

Practising yoga in nature

In addition, more and more people are choosing to practice yoga in the middle of nature, something that adds extra benefits. This is because nature enhances those connections necessary for yoga. For example, the smells we are exposed to help boost the senses and make concentration easier and more effective. In addition, the tranquillity that can be felt in natural places helps to connect with the present, to perfect movements or to increase self-care. In yoga, the connection with the environment is essential to achieve the desired mental and physical balance. Therefore, what could be better than practising it in nature?

The Lodge Ronda: an exclusive house in the middle of nature

For the practice of yoga, rest and nutrition are fundamental factors to maximise its benefits. For this reason, we have a whole house for you and your group, so that you can enjoy all the comforts you need and experience yoga in harmony with the nature of Ronda.

We know that yoga is a fundamental part of your lives, so at The Lodge Ronda we have 7 luxury rooms where you can choose the orientation of these to make your experience as spiritual as possible. This service is designed to facilitate the stay of those groups who want to experience the practice of yoga in nature. At Fuente la Higuera we want your retreat to be spectacular in every aspect. We take care of all the details you need so that you enjoy your stay and enjoy all the comforts. Enjoy the group isolation that you will be able to do focused on spirituality and completely surrounded by nature. Our facilities are located in the Serranía de Ronda, a spectacular natural enclave. We can also provide you with mats, and you can enjoy the large swimming pool and food designed exclusively for your group.

Are you coming to experience yoga like never before? Visit our website here to explore The Lodge Ronda and don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to make this great experience possible for your group.


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