Charge your Tesla car at our hotel in Ronda

Do you like nature?

More and more people are choosing accommodation that is in touch with the environment. Here we are going to tell you about ecotourism and its positive impact, and how at Hotel Fuente de la Higuera we do our bit for the ecology. Read on!


Society is constantly changing and new ways of getting around without harming nature are emerging all the time. Ecotourism offers a way of travelling where human impact on the environment is kept to a minimum – a great holiday for you and a great help for the whole planet! There are many ways to get started with ecotourism: many tourists choose ecofriendly flights; others decide to make the journey in their 100% electric car; and others prefer to organise their trips from an ecological point of view. Moreover, this type of tourism helps to get to know the architecture, culture and landscapes of the area in depth. According to the OMT, not only the biosphere would benefit from this form of travel, but the tourist would also enjoy the activities and it would also bring economic profitability to the area. Ecotourism helps everyone!

In Hotel Fuente de la Higuera you can recharge your Tesla car

Did you know that our hotel has 2 Tesla charging stations? These points are intended for customers who come to enjoy the amazing area and have these electric vehicles. What do you know! If you have a Tesla car, you can enjoy it without worries, as you will be able to charge it in our facilities. These charging stations are available uninterrupted and have an amperage of up to 17 kW.

Stay in the heart of the Ronda nature

Also, don’t forget that our hotel is nestled in the Ronda nature and you can enjoy magnificent views. We have told you about the benefits you can get from sustainable tourism, and we encourage you to come and visit us and enjoy the nature that surrounds us. We have exclusive rooms and suites, and even the possibility of renting a whole house for a large group. We know how important sustainability is to you and we want your holiday to be as peaceful as possible. That’s why we make it easy for you not to run out of battery – ask your Tesla to bring you to us!


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